4 (Very Hard) Things About Being Your Own Boss

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy, but that’s ok.

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you can be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare
My digital nomad fantasy that never came true. True story.

Focusing and getting things done

To me, one of the “secrets” to success is as much about planning, as it is about letting go of a the plan if needed in order to get things done quickly. Although part of my job is to help other entrepreneurs and company leaders do this for their own companies, doing the same for myself is not a piece of buttery croissant. I try to use the GTD method (great book by the way) and to update my Action List in every 2 days, but I confess that sometimes I feel lost, not sure whether I’m on the right path. Every time I feel like that I stop, review my goals and adapt my priorities. I also keep all of my events in Google Calendar and answer all of my important emails in less than 24 hours. Still, keeping productivity high and balancing how kind or hard I should be with myself is… complex.

Not isolating myself

When you are self-employed you can work from home, from a co-working space or pretty much anywhere with internet. But that doesn’t mean you will be working directly with other people. It is normal to feel lonely and isolated. As a response to that I’ve carefully chosen a shared office where I got to work with other freelancers with complementary skills to my own. We exchange about our work, share references, inspirations and give each other a hand every now and then. I also participate in online meetings, one of them held by Torus. We’re a community of people, from different countries, who gather to discuss burning topics related to the spirit of our time.

One of the Sistership events at The Family (Paris), a community female founders.

Dealing with inconsistent work and cash flow

Before throwing myself into the adventure of starting my own business, I’ve saved some money for an emergency fund. This money allows me to sleep at night and to avoid desperately taking on any client just because I need to eat or pay rent. The second thing I did was to establish a system for tracking my company’s expenses and incomes.

Save money before and avoid these kind of calls.

Keeping unhealthy anxiety away

We live in a time where anxiety is a shared cultural experience. The internet is filled with stories of success, but we don’t get to see behind the curtain. We only see the “mise en scène”. Although some entrepreneurs are open about their struggles and failures, the majority of them aren’t. I try to be very selective with the accounts I follow on Instagram, however, I often get the feeling that other people are doping everything and that I’m slow as a sloth. I constantly have to remind myself to focus on my own journey and to follow my own instincts in the pursuit of my dreams, in my own way. It’s hard. Social media can be a portal for inspiration and a dungeon for discouragement. It’s up to each one of us to find the right balance and to surround ourselves with content that encourages us to actually do stuff, take action.

Paris-based brand strategy consultant. 🔥 I write about the new generation of entrepreneurs and the authentic strategies behind their businesses.

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